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have a fiancee in Ukraine

or are going to get one

I bet that if you have tried to marry a girl from the Former Soviet Union, you have already had enough of what is described in this section. If you still wish to achieve what you want and not to get disappointed and fooled again, you must be thinking hard how to avoid it. I hope that the previous page has given you enough valuable information that will help you to, but I also want to offer you further, more concrete assistance.

As you must have just read on the previous pages, there are a lot of aspects that are hard to manage, especially without the assistance of somebody who lives in the same town as your lady. First of all you need to make sure that the lady is there. The second point is to learn if she is writing the stuff that you get presumably from her and if she is not, if she is aware of what is going on and what she feels about it. (Well, it is not that serious and you should not be too afraid and suspicious but just reasonably careful). If you establish some kind of relationship with your lady, you may certainly want to impress her and surprise her with flowers or something. If your lady does not speak English well or whatever, you will want to help her to study it. Finally, when you come to see her, you might not be always happy with what her marriage agency will offer you, first of all their interpreter (the trouble is that their full time interpreters are usually badly paid and they do not care much as their salary does not depend on the quality of their work much. They are basically students or some people who just know English a little and are happy to get a few bucks for anything. Moreover, there are not many good professional interpreters in the CIS, as far as I am concerned. The trouble is that without knowing the language you can hardly check it). If she does not use an agency, she may be helpless when it will come to making an invitation for you via the immigration department, finding accommodation, a car with a driver, etc. There can generally be many things where you may need external assistance from someone living here rather than there in the US, no matter if you use a marriage or travel agency or not and if your lady does or does not: you may not be happy with the service, you may suspect that something is wrong, you may not get what you need, etc. Whatever, if you have an alternative, if there is competition, it is better than when you have no choice.

So my offer is basically anything described above. Ask me your specific questions and I will tell you if I can do it for you. However, I would like to enumerate the

Basic Services

that I offer:
and tell more about them.


of your correspondence with your lady. I guarantee that I will not disclose anything to anyone. I also want to assure you that I do not care a jot what you are writing. The thing is that it is my job, I am translating lots of letters and texts and I forget it a minute after I finish it. So please do not think that your correspondence is more important for me than that of a hundred different people and I can remember what you write. There is too much of it to remember and, what’s more important, what will be the point for me to remember what people write, to think about it? I had better study English and German. I am not a gossip but a businessman. I value my time a lot. Time is money and I am not going to spend it on anything foolish. Finally, if you are still shy, please think if you are as shy of your doctor when he asks you to undress or to tell him how often you go to the bathroom. You know that it is his job and he does not care, don't you?
You can use this service as another means to communicate with your lady apart from her agency or her friends, or you can use it if she does not have access to the Internet whatever and has to use snail mail. In this case you send me emails for her and I forward them by snail mail. It will be much faster and reliable than sending them directly from abroad anyway. For example, many international radiostations have a post office box in Kiev and say that it is faster to contact them in this way rather than to send letters directly to their offices. Also in this way your letter will not have to go through the customs. Or I can send it back to you and you find your ways of delivering it to her, if you wish; finally, I can just call your lady and read your letters to her on the phone and she will dictate her answers, wherever she lives. Intercity calls are not too expensive within Ukraine, about $0.15 per minute and even if I spend 10 minutes a day speaking to her on the phone, the bill will hardly exceed $50 a month.
The conditions and prices are listed at the About section of my site.

Delivery Of Presents

to your lady in your behalf. It is a very important thing to do, because women appreciate nice surprises a lot. If you have established close relationship with her, you cannot do without it. This costs $50, plus the cost of the present, for example a rose costs $2 and a bunch of eleven roses (it is not done to give an even number of flowers in Ukraine, by the way) will cost about $22, for example. If you want me to take a photo of her with your present, add $10. As for presents, you can tell me what you want and I will look for it in the stores and tell you the price. You might wonder if you can trust me, but I see no point in fooling you. There is no difference between asking you for $10 and adding $20 to the price of the present and asking you for $30 and adding nothing except for honesty. Honesty is better because, as Jesus Christ said, there is nothing secret that would not become clear, or something like that. I know that it is really true.

Making Official Invitation

for you in the immigration department here may be necessary if you do not deal with any agencies and are coming on your own. Actually, if you are my customer, I will do it for free, because it is not a problem. However, if I have not met you before and you ask me to do it, I might refuse because this implies some responsibility for you while you are here.


When you come to Ukraine to meet your lady, you may need interpreting, even if she speaks some English. Basically I mean Ukraine, although I am ready to serve you anywhere in the world; the trouble is that you will have to pay my fares and probably accommodation, so it may turn out too extravagant for you to hire me outside of Ukraine; anyway, it is up to you, actually accommodation is not too expensive in Ukraine and neither are tickets within Ukraine. I have been interpreting for five years as of now and I have a large experience. I have never been to an English-speaking country (although I have been to Austria as an interpreter of English); the point is, though, not to have been there, but to speak English. I know a few people who have been to the US and a few years later they have difficulty speaking English because they are out of practice and do not study English. Unfortunately, I sometimes have little practice too, but when I get a job I get into it very quickly. My point is to be a professional. I have seen many interpreters in action, I have read a lot of translations and I notice that very few people make it a point to work professionally. I am not sure yet that I am professional but I am trying to achieve it. At least, I still study English hard despite the fact that I actually know it well. And I will always study it.
The conditions and prices are listed at the About section of my site.

Arrangements & Assistance

There are a lot of things that you may want to be done but be unable to do or have another fish to fry, no matter if you are in the US or here in Ukraine. If you are my customer and use my translation or interpreting services, I can also do a lot of other things for you basically as a favor, that is for free. It can be inquiring, fetching, arranging, etc. For example, I can arrange a car for a reasonable price, find you accommodation (cheaper or better than the one you are using), buy some tickets or something and many other things.

Accompanying Your Lady Abroad

For example to Kiev, to the US Embassy. Of course, you can come to Ukraine and take her there, but it will cost you more for air tickets. However, you must be uncertain if it is OK for your girl to travel alone, especially abroad, let alone the fact that she may be young, inexperienced and attractive. The crime rate in the trains is not appalling at all; however crimes do happen and women are particularly vulnerable especially because they can be raped. So an experienced and strong male companion may come in very handy, especially if it is someone whom you both know and trust. I have a travel passport and I will be glad to render this service to you. The cost might basically be the same as for interpreting, that is US$50 a day, plus the fares, food, accommodation and miscellaneous petty expenses that I may have while traveling.
Another idea can be meeting your lady outside of Ukraine, for example in Hungary. Sometimes it is hard to get a visa for Ukraine because our officials are damned stupid stinky assholes and impudent idiots who do not understand that foreigners come to Ukraine only to spend money here and the assholes can create a lot of red tape. I have a customer who told them to go to hell and made a visa for me and his girlfriend to come to him in Europe, because they had really gotten his goat. In this case everything is the same, but you have to pay for my time including the time that I spend traveling to you.


I hope that you like what I offer and will place an order. As you see, you can get some things for free and I am not trying to rip you off, especially as I have no means to force you into using my service. I am no agency, I have no girls on my site to fool you by writing a lot of slush and asking for money in the meantime. I am just a freelance translator, interpreter and businessman (and also a great man ), and that’s it. My business is translating and interpreting.
I can imagine that you are thinking of many questions, most of them basically starting with “Can you promise/guarantee…?”. Well, I am not God yet and I cannot promise nor guarantee anything. But I want to assure you that I will do my best. My life experience is telling me that honesty is the best policy; moreover, I know too well that if I do something wrong, I will regret it. On the other hand I myself have been fooled a few times by dishonest men who took advantage of me and never paid me anything, so I will always demand prepayment and will not let you have any free trials or similar things, so please do not ask for it.
OK, if you have a girlfriend in Ukraine, think about the above. If you do not have a girlfriend but feel like getting one, you know where she should come from. I have none to offer you, so try and look for her on your own. When you find one, come to me.
So you can either come to Ukraine directly and meet a few girls here, then leave and be in touch, or meet a few via the Internet, find out their details and come to them or to one of them. The latter option is better on the one hand; on the other hand, you will have to struggle with agencies selling their addresses (it is nice if not bogus ones) for a fortune and trying to thrust a lot of services that you do not need while you will be trying to figure out if the girl you are writing to is real or not. The agencies know well that if you learn your lady’s details, you may say good-bye to them, so they are reluctant to disclose this information; so basically beware of agencies or make sure you can learn your lady’s details. In any case, you should not tell the agency that you want to switch to someone else.
OK, go to the next page, pick up some URL’s of Internet dating servers and look for girls from Ukraine. When you find some, come back. Just make sure you bookmark this page.
If you choose the former idea, that is to come to Ukraine, to meet someone here in person and then leave for the US in order to correspond with your girl(s) and develop relationship, I can place your ad in Russian in a local newspaper and collect answers for you. Then you will know who will wait for you.

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