Problems & Pitfalls In International Dating

Those who seek happiness abroad are waylaid by a number of problems. Being very well aware of them due to my work, I regard it my duty to share the important information with you. First of all, I want to make a disclaimer: what is described here must not necessarily happen to you; it just might happen because it happens quite often. So please do not think that all marriage agencies, all Russian girls and all American men are like the ones described here.

Marriage Agencies

I want to stress that each agency is not necessarily like that. There are a number of decent ones. However, what is described above, pertains to at least half the agencies in the Former Soviet Union. Just be careful and do not be oversuspicious.

You Men


If you are not too afraid after reading it, and you know well what you should and should not do, you can move on and familiarize yourself with the direct manual for those who want to marry a foreigner. You can also read a bunch of stories at this page: Russian dating agencies Black List.

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