Free Mail Servers Description

I have collected a score of free mail servers in this page. Actually, there are thousands over there, so it is impossible to list them all. First, I try to list SMTP/POP3 servers which are most interesting. If there is a SMTP/POP3 one that I missed, drop me a line please and I will probably list it here too.

Best Servers Features

NAME: name. SZ: mailbox size, MB. FW: forwarding (C copy, F via filters, V means confirmation required when setting up). RT: reply-to address. AU: autoresponder (F via flters). SIG: . FILTER: (R redirect, A autorespond, D delete, B black list). AT: attachments. EX: external POP3 colelction. DM: domains number. HP: home page. SM: secure mode. OS: other services. LANG: language. IT: inactivity period (U unlimited). POP: names for POP3/IMAP servers. ~ corresponds the part of your e-mail address after @, i.e. for pop3.~ means SMTP: name for SMTP server (V authentication reqyured, R only own domain in reply-to, C check mail before sending, n is the maximun size of a letter, MB).
Full features are listed at the previous page. Point your mouse over a table cell and its description will pop up.

ICQMail.Com5+-+-R+-2 - En --
Mail.Ru6C, V ++R, A, D4-4 +-Ru, En6pop.~smtp.~ R,1
MailRu.Com20C, V+F+R, A, D+-8++-Ru, En6imap.~smtp.~ V
MailTo.Com.Ua5      10     ~~ V
MyRealBox.Com10C+++++31 +-Ru, En imap.~smtp.~
Pochta.Ws        3       

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