Frequencies of International Radio Stations

In this page I collect the frequencies of international short wave radio stations, basically in English. There are also links to the pages where these frequencies were obtained. The frequencies are quoted in kilohertz or mehahertz. The time of the broadcast start is shown too, but the broadcast may usually last either an hour or half an hour. The time is unversal by default (UTC, Universal Time Coordinated), also known as (GMT, Greenwich Mean Time). In Europe you should add 1 to get the local time. In the USA subtract 5 to 8 hours depending on your location. The frequencies are valid from March till October. Please bear in mind that some of the frequencies work only on certain days of the week.

British Broadcasting Corporation World Service in English

British Broadcasting Corporation Russian Service

Voice of America Russian Branch

Radio Canada International Russian

Swiss Radio International

07:30 9.885, 13.79, 17.665
08:30 21.77
17:30 9.755, 13.79, 15.555
19:30 9.755, 13.66, 15.485, 17.66
23:30 9.885, 11.66

Radio Finland Russian Service

Deutsche Welle Russian Service

Radio Austria International English Section

Radio Jordan English Service

11:00-17:30 11.69

Radio Sweden International Russian Service

Radio Prague

Radio Japan Russian Service

Radio Korea International Russian Service

Radio Netherlands English Service

Radio Vlaanderen

All India Radio

Radio Kuwait

18:00-21:00 11.99

Voice of Vietnam

Radio Taipei International

Voice of Mongolia

Please also check the broadcast grid valid for Ukraine.

Exhaustive information on the frequencies of all international radio stations can be found at Bclnews.It.

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