Photographs of Odessa

I have a few original (that is not stolen on the web) photographs of Odessa, that I offer for browsing. They were made in April, 2003 by Armin Skladny, a German journalist who spend his vacation with me in Odessa. So the copyright belongs to him.

To view a full-sized picture, click its thumbnail, and the photo will open in a new window. All the pictures are 600 pixels high. The size in KB is shown below each icon. The description is available if you hover your mouse over the image.

There are 60 photographs in this page total. The total size is nearly 4MB.

Train station A platfrom in the early April morning Train Square Kulikovo Pole Train Square Train Square Panteleymonovskaya Street corner of Pushkinskaya Street Train Square Privoz Marine passenger terminal Marine passenger terminal from Potyomkinskaya Steps Stadium in Shevchnko Park Shevchenko Park Monument to Taras Shevchenko in Sabanskiy Lane Monument to Unknown Soldier in Shevchenko Park Port Port Lanzheron beach Aerial cableway to Otrada beach Dumskaya Square Dumskaya Square Potyomkinskaya Steps Primorskiy Boulevard Gogolya Street Gogolya Street Mother-in-laws bridge Gogolya Street Gogolya Street Malaya Arnautskaya Street / Preobrazhenskaya Street Sobornaya Square Rebuilt cathedral at Sobornaya Square Preobrazhenskaya Street / Deribasovskaya Street Gayevskiys pharmacy shop    ,   Passage hotel Passage hotel Passage hotel Passage hotel (back yard) Town Garden Ekaterniniskaya Street / Grecheskaya Street Grecheskaya Street / Pushkinskaya Street Philharmonic Society Philharmonic Society concert hall Philharmonic Society concert hall Opera House Rishelyevskaya Street. The best sidewalk in the city is here in this block Rishelyevskaya Street / Bunina Street Rishelyevskaya Street / Pochotvaya Street Rishelyevskaya Street / Bolshaya Arnautskaya Street. Arab Culture Center Military museum 8th Station of Bolshoy Fontan Cape Bolshoy Fontan Monastery at Cape Bolshoy Fontan Arkadia Arkadia Kotovskovo Zabolotnovo Street Kotovskovo Tairova Tairova

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