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I do not represent any dating agency. I am just an interpreter and translator and as an interpreter I most often work for foreign men who come to the CIS so as to find a wife here. So I have accumulated enough experience in this field to share with both men and women. But in this English version of my site I will address primarily men for natural reasons.

The first question that you may ask is: “Is it real to get married over the Internet?”. I will just ask: is it real, for instance, to find a job over the Internet? I think that the same applies here. You know that the Internet is similar to the real life in many aspects. Everything depends, but the main thing is that it is quite possible to meet someone and get married over the Internet as many people have already done. However, it is not that simple… You have to spend a whole lot of money, time and effort, and you can be sure that you will be disappointed more than once and will lose something, probably money. If you are ready both in mind and moneywise, read on. Consider it a disclaimer: everything is as it is.

Why Do Men From America & Europe Want Russian Wives

Why Do Girls From Russia & Ukraine Want Foreign Husbands

OK, if you are not married yet, it makes sense to think about marrying a Russian girl. I just want to warn you that all the above does not mean that she will be your silent slave, ready to serve you at any time without discontent, to cook for you, to be your cheap work force if you run a business and to just wink at something that would have caused an American woman to call the police and sue you. Probably it can be said about women from very poor Asian or African countries, but Russia is actually in Europe. So, if you want a cheap dummy-wife, you had better look for her somewhere else. If you want a good wife, look for her in Russia.
However, a lot of time can pass and many things, sometimes unpleasant, can happen until you finally get married. You start on the Net, browsing through the profiles of Russian women on dating servers. Then you start correspondence with someone. And that is where troubles waylay you

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