Odessa is the city where I was born, grew and lived until 2003 (now I live in different places around Ukraine due to my work which requires me to travel a lot. I can stay in Lvov for a while, then move to Odessa, leave it for Kiev and so on). I love Odessa. (However, this does not mean that I love the Odessites). I have collected some information about Odessa in this section of my site; part of it might be interesting for those who live here, those who are coming here might find something interesting here as well.

Coat of arms of OdessaOK, if you are just wondering what Odessa is, see some general information about the city and pictures. If you think about coming to the city, here is some accommodation information. If you are already in Odessa, jot down some useful phone numbers and find your way around the city map.

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