Useful Software Review

This section deals with software. Descriptions along with some links are collected here for some of the best software. But of course not all the programs for each category are here, only those worth attention from my viewpoint. If you want more software, grab some links to software archives.

Clicking on a diskette icon (if present) next to a program name will trigger download of the program. Hovering your mouse over the diskette you might learn how large the download is and where it starts. But it is recommended to visit the author’s home page first. You should remember that when you download a program from the web site of the author, you obtain the latest version of the software, whereas FTP links may point to obsolete versions. If download links do not work, it makes sense to search through FTP servers by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Please bear in mind that you might find files with the same name that have nothing to do with the program that you look for, so consider the file size. The first magnifying glass takes you to Filesearch.Ru exact match search and the second triggers broader search using AllTheWeb.Com. The problem is that watching all the links and updating them is not possible, at least when it comes to a small project like mine.

If you wish to order a file that is not in my collection in this way, use this form:
Mail Order

The number of green/red dots on the right of the software name is like hotel stars; the more the better. Five dots mean that I am fascinated by the software and can hardly imagine my PC without it, that is it is one of the best software in all respects, no grumble and I strongly recommend to use it.

If the dots are red, it stands for shareware. And green dots present freeware.
The icon means that I have added a new program.
Unfortunately, many programs may be hard to download, others’ home pages do not exist or changed the URL, new versions of some can be bad or commercial. So I create my soft archives but you should use it if you cannot get what you want at the author’s site.
Just do not miss your antivirus check when you download something. Actually do not be in a hurry to download something because there can be viruses pretending to be useful software; and think, do you really need a program to waste your time and money downloading it. But, no pain — no gain. And it is better to be brave and courageous than timid and cowardly. Good luck!

Software Categories

  • Text
  • Files
  • Calculators
  • Archivers
  • Net and E-mail
  • System
  • Graphics
  • Languages
  • Miscellany
  • Top Software

    Here are eight programs that ought to be in every computer, even to be included in Windows:

    Also, you can check hot keys, and the list of known file extensions.

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